Best resorts for ski lovers around the world

One of the biggest dilemmas for ski lovers all around the globe is when and where to ride this year? Most popular ski resort destinations are Europe and Canada, attracting powder hounds from all corners of the world, looking for big slopes and perfect snow. If you’re wondering when to plan your ski holiday, probably the best time for most European and North American ski resorts would range from December all the way to April. To make the choice easier, we made a list of our top picks for your next ski holiday.

One of the most popular European ski resorts, according to travelers and snow lovers is Val Thorens. Spreading over a vast area of three valleys and along 600 kilometers of interconnected runs, this amazing New World resort is situated at an altitude of 2.3 kilometers, making it the highest resort in Europe. For all those looking for sporty and innovative mountain style resort, with a variety of activities like snowshoeing, sledding and mountain biking on snow, Val Thorens is a place to go.

Nestled beneath the mountains in British Columbia, Whitewater Ski Resort is one of the top destinations Canada has to offer. With impressive 12 meters of snowfall per year, this Whitewater is a multiple award winning champion among ski resorts, equipped with excellent facilities, a triple chair lift and a breath-taking mountain terrain.

For all of those adventure loving powder hounds, looking to carve their ski tracks off the path, we recommend Girdwood, a former gold mining town deep in the Chugach Mountains in Alaska. Another top destination for adventurous skiers is Fernie, a small town in Canada offering most spectacular terrain and finest ski snow one can find. All that with a variety of charming restaurants and an abundance of cozy accommodation this ski resort has to offer.

Essential Tips for Your Ski Resort Vacation, From Snow to Technology

With the onset of winters, the planning for winter vacation gets serious. However, the best way to enjoy the winter with unlimited fun and sports is to visit a Ski resort. If you are also planning to make a trip to ski resort with friends or family, then this article can best assist you in selecting the most appropriate Ski resort for yourself. While weighing your options, keep the following tips in mind:

Type of resort/terrain: There are various types of Ski resorts situated at different corner of the world, projecting different types of sport. Hence, before selecting any destination, it’s important to know your own and your Ski party members’ level of skill. For your idea, Ski resorts can be a small hill or a gentle hills, or mountains with helicopter access. So chose a destination as per your capacity. 

Further, there are many other things to be considered like the snowboarding slopes specifically for your teenager, or tubing hills for your whole family. Not necessary all the resorts have natural snow, so make selection as per your requirement of manmade, natural, or mix snow. Further, there are limited resorts that provide cross-country skiing trails, so if you are looking for something of that sort, confirm these beforehand. Likewise, it’s very important to know the type of the resort.

Equipment: You may or may not have the plan of carrying your own ski or snowboarding equipment, boots and accessories; but still you can confirm with your chosen Ski resort whether they provide the equipment and its rates. Usually, most of the resort provides the requisite equipment at affordable rates, then, you can skip the need of lugging heavy skiing equipment.

Lessons: Skiing is most excited, when you now the art. Even a seasoned skier can get rusty if he hasn’t been on the slopes for a year or two. Further, if you are new to skiing then you definitely need good lessons from professionals. So checkout that is your chosen resort runs ski schools, or provide ski instructor.

Lodging: Checking out the lodging options is also very important. See how close the hotels are located to the Ski-resort. Are there are accommodation facility to choose your budget. Hence, before booking your lift tickets do a proper homework regarding the lodging facilities.

Technology: With the complexity of a ski resort multiplying year on year it has become almost essential (but not quite yet) that the resort and slopes you select are well equipped with good technology and software so as you can easily access the slopes you want without paying for ones you don’t. With the rise of ERP and software in general it has never been easier for even the smaller locations to get on board the technology train and make there resorts appear this generation without much of an outlay in cost. Technology which is in use is a key indicator about how well a resort is run.

Packages: To get a profitable deal, you can check out the ski resort packages. With the onset of winters, good package are introduced into the market. These packages usually combine lodging and lift tickets or can combine the plane and hotel reservations. Also, you can get an all-inclusive deal with meals included in the price.

You can get more discounts, if you go slightly off-seasons. To get the best bargain in your deal, it’s recommended that you approach via a travel agent or have to do good research to finds the most value for your money. Online is most appropriate hub of information; check out the original websites of the resorts or visit the online travel websites to know the best time to visit and the right prices.

The future of skiing

In the vast arena of outdoor sports, there are usually a few sports which most people just don’t notice much about. There is a lot of sports that nearly everybody knows about, but the vast majority of people have not used the time to get to learn each and every sport. Genuinely studying about the specifics of a sport requires time. 

Today we are dealing with sports related to cross-country skiing.You will discover that cross-country ski sports consist mainly of the necessary skiing motions. But the courses the races are held on are never consistent as the terrain changes, and this makes it different from downhill or slalom skiing. The competitor’s objective is to be the first person to cross the finish line, but there are also some competitions where there are time trials during which the winner is determined by the individual that was able to navigate the course the fastest.

While competitors participate in cross country ski events and contests throughout winter seasons all around the world, it’s increased popularity peaks when the Winter Olympics are occurring. The Winter Games are essentially the finale of all the smaller events throughout the prior years leading up to the games. 

The competitors in the Olympics are working hard to represent their individual countries.You will find that there are very different equipment pieces that you are going to require to be a good x-country skier. The first of these may be a great pair of snow skis that will hurry you around the course quickly. Second, you will need a set of poles to push you through and help you steer the course. Additionally, you will need an excellent set of ski boots and some lightweight snow sports apparel.

And if you find out that the game wasn’t fascinating enough already, there are various adaptations on the sport to make it even more enjoyable. One of the most popular events is the Nordic combined, which couples cross-country skiing with ski jumping. An additional favorite spin-off consists of skiing mixed with rifles and marksmanship in the Biathlon. Last but not least, ski-orienteering requires that the cross country skiers need to use maps to navigate a large number of paths and trails to get to the finish line.

You will find that the sport of cross-country skiing may not often get the credit it deserves, but it genuinely can be an exciting sport to check out and participate in. While there is a good deal of other items to understand about the different cross country sports, this may be an excellent introduction to these activities.

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